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The sandstorm has passed, Opportunity is millions of miles from home, barely functioning and all contact with Earth has been lost. But there is still hope… Over the years, there have been many attempts, with varying levels of success, to explore this desolate, barren planet and the remnants of these missions could play host to some of the parts and modules that will get us back to operating at 100%.
Help us regain contact with NASA once more!
Traverse and survive a variety of distinct, hazardous environments to overcome some of the planet's most challenging obstacles. Upgrade your tech and develop your abilities as you scavenge and equip components in order to finally complete your objective.
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Sent to Mars in search of traces of water or life. His mission was initially intended to last 90 days but ended up lasting… 15 years! Sadly, contact was lost after it made its way through the "Endeavor" crater and a sandstorm prevented its solar panels from functioning properly. Or, at least temporarily...
Now, Opportunity has awoken, weak, lonely and barely functional.
In theory, everything Oppy needs to get back on his feet (wheels?) could be found amongst the debris of previous exploration missions, but to track these down we’ll have to survive the harsh, unforgiving landscapes that lay ahead of us...
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// Mission Objectives
  1. Take control of NASA’s famous rover and embark on one final journey that will see you venture across every corner of the red planet.
  2. Explore a variety of vibrant and stylized low poly 3D landscapes.
  3. Adapt your approach to navigate hazards unique to each zone you explore.
  4. Overcome a series of progressively challenging tasks and obstacles as you attempt to complete your final mission.
  5. Learn more about all of the exploration programs that came before and after Opportunity as you scavenge for parts and clues.
  6. Upgrade and improve Opportunities capabilities with new modules and components found littered throughout the planet.
  7. Utilize a minimalist interface, ensuring your attention will always be squarely on your objective without losing focus.
  8. Immerse yourself with an entirely original, acoustic soundtrack that accompanies the legendary traveler in his journey.
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Dimanche Corp is a small independent studio founded in 2021 by Lola Guilldou and Samuel Perottet, who strive to develop wholesome, emotional experiences that continue to resonate with players long after the credits roll in all of their projects.
The studio owes its name to Lola and Samuels YouTube channel “Développeuse du Dimanche” where they share their experiences and knowledge as independent video game developers. Both the channel and studio share the philosophy that anyone can try their hand at video game creation if they wish to.
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